Safety switches (RCD's and RCBO's)

The use of electrical appliances is an integral part of functioning in everyday life. Ensuring appliances function correctly, efficiently and are free from fault is essential to reducing harm and severe injury to users. As a fully certified electrical contractor, ITECS Electrical Services (ITECS) can recommend and install a number of essential measures to reduce the risk to users. Firstly, safety switches monitor and subsequently turn off power within 0.03 of a second should it detect a fault. Secondly, ensuring switchboards are correctly mounted and free from obstructions provides quick and easy access and the necessary protection of your property. Thirdly, all power and lighting circuits should be sufficiently protected. Finally, older properties may also require a switchboard upgrade and the installation of necessary safety switches (see Switchboard Upgrade section for further information). With over 25 years of experience in both residential and commercial sectors, ITECS understands all facets of electrical installation. Our friendly and professional team maintaining the highest standard and quality of service, at a competitive price.