Lighting design and installations

Energy Saving

Given the wide variety of lighting technology available today, our designs use the most energy-efficient products, to ensure long-term savings on energy bills. Furthermore, many energy companies offer competitive prices and substantial rebates to incentivize customers to use more environmentally friendly energy products.

ITECS works directly with clients to ensure to produce a brief for the site to be assessed. This may be based upon purely energy saving, quality of light and hence enhanced customer experience, There will be an initial energy assessment of the existing installation with supportive real-time monitoring. ITECS will then consult with the client to produce a lighting design and calculation conforming to Part L (2013) Compliance including the LENI calculation standards. Upon contractual agreement implementation of the project proposal will commence.

Lighting impacts most aspects of our daily lives. It creates ambience, keeps us safe, and even impacts productivity – so getting it right is important. Commercial lighting accounts for up to 40% of the energy costs in some office buildings, so selecting and utilizing the right products and technology is critical to controlling your budget and reducing future energy costs.

We’re always looking for new ideas and new ways to add value to our core business offerings. ITECS follows the ‘Lighting in Future Environments’ (LIFE) approach, which is designed to save you money and reduce carbon emissions over the whole life of your lighting installations. This is in-line with our objective as an environmental conscious, socially responsible company.

ITECS works with the world’s leading ‘Grade A’ lighting manufacturers to offer the latest cutting-edge, energy efficient products and technology to our clients. Our commercial LED lighting offers a cost-effective and versatile option, not only fulfilling general functional purposes, but also delivering stunning visual effects, while creating atmosphere and influencing behavior and productivity.